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Kealakekua Bay has some of the best snorkeling in the state of Hawaii.

Manini Beach (on the left side of the bay as you face the ocean) often has the easiest entry into the bay for swimmers who like to avoid the occasional big waves of Napo'opo'o and stay closer to shore. There are picnic tables in the shelter of a lovely old kiave tree, and tall elegant palm trees kiss the lava rock shore. The coral is lovely and fabulously colored tropical fish swim dance-like in shafts of sparkling sunlight. It's an ideal spot to jump in for a quick morning swim after a walk around the village, or pack a lunch and spend the day alternating snorkel/swims with snacks and a good book to read in the shade. In addition, I (personally) believe Manini Beach to be perhaps THE most divine sunset spot on the planet. :)

How to get there: Walk left out of the driveway at Hale Keo Keo. With the ocean on your right, pass the wharf and 6 homes until you see the Manini Beach Road sign, and a small road to the right. Turn right at the sign and within in a few short steps you will go down a gentle hill and see the bay to your right. As you walk along Manini Beach Road enjoying the view of the bay, you will see a green and white house on your right. Next to that is a small grassy spot overlooking the bay, which is VERY PRIVATE PROPERTY. Please do not venture out on their lawn for a closer look at the Bay. The home next to the grassy spot,and the last house overlooking the Bay is a two-story blue/grey house with dark blue trim. You can see lava rock between this house and the Bay and the palm trees at the edge of Manini Beach . Go past the driveway of the blue house and you will see what appears to be another driveway or road leading to the beach. You will be able to see a sign on a green cement post, welcoming you to Manini Beach by the William Healy Foundation.

The Capt Cook monument is across the bay and appears deceptively close. It is, in fact, a mile swim from the Napo'opo'o beach entry. Swimming close to the pali (cliff), one can swim lazily along, quite distracted meandering over the beauty of the coral and tropical fish and find oneself "practically there!" in about a half hour. If you are a good strong swimmer and feel comfortable in the water, it is an excellent snorkel excursion. (Especially if the Spinner Dolphins who quite regularly frequent the Bay decide to favor you with their presence.) However, that "practically there" feeling can be MOST DECEPTIVE and it 's important to remember that once you have swum TO the Monument, you will have to SWIM HOME! :) That would ultimately make it a two mile swim. Just something to remember when you get dazzled by the beauty of the underwater world in Kealakekua Bay.


Victoria Fullerton